Proceedings of ASAI 2016

Proceedings of ASAI 2016

Simposio Argentino de Inteligencia Artificial

 ISSN: 2451-7585

The XVII Argentine Symposium on Artificial Intelligence (ASAI 2016) will be held during the week 5th - 9th September 2016, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and will be hosted by the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) at the Borges Cultural Centre.  

ASAI is an annual event intended to be the main forum of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community in Argentina, organized by the Argentinean Association of Artificial Intelligence (AAIA). The symposium aims at providing a forum for researchers and AI community members to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences on diverse topics of AI. Submissions are invited on both applications of AI and new tools and foundations. 

ASAI 2016 will be part of the 45th JAIIO, the 45th Argentine Conference on Informatics, organized by SADIO. JAIIO is organized as a series of thematic symposia including topics such as software engineering, artificial intelligence, technology, agroinformatics, high performance computing, industrial informatics, free software, law, health, information society, and a students contest.


 Program Co-Chairs

  • Silvana Aciar, IdeI, FCEFyN-UNSJ, San Juan, Argentina.
  • Enrique Marcelo Albornoz, sinc(i), FICH-UNL/CONICET.

Program Committee

  • Agustín Gravano (DC-UBA, CONICET, ARG)
  • Ana Casali (CIFASIS and FCEIA-UNR, ARG)
  • Ana Maguitman (LIDIA-UNS, CONICET, ARG)
  • Ariel Monteserin (ISISTAN-UNICEN, CONICET, ARG)
  • Beatriz Lopez (Universitat de Girona, SPAIN)
  • Carles Sierra (CSIC, SPAIN)
  • Carlos Catania (ITIC, UNCuyo, CONICET, ARG)
  • César Martínez (sinc(i) UNL-CONICET, UNER, ARG)
  • Diego Fernández Slezak  (DC-UBA, CONICET, ARG)
  • Diego Milone (sinc(i) UNL-CONICET, ARG)
  • Eliseo Reategui (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, BRAZIL)
  • Flavia Bonomo (DC-UBA, CONICET, ARG)
  • Gabriela Henning (INTEC-UNL, CONICET, ARG)
  • Georgina Stegmayer (sinc(i) UNL-CONICET, UTN, ARG)
  • Guillermo Grinblat (CIFASIS, CONICET, ARG)
  • Guillermo R. Simari (LIDIA-UNS, ARG)
  • Hector Geffner (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, SPAIN)
  • Juan Carlos Gómez (CIFASIS and FCEIA-UNR, ARG)
  • Leandro Di Persia (sinc(i) UNL-CONICET, ARG)
  • Leandro Vignolo (sinc(i) UNL-CONICET, ARG)
  • Lucas Uzal (CIFASIS, CONICET, ARG)
  • Marcelo G. Armentano (ISISTAN-UNICEN, CONICET, ARG)
  • Matias Gerard (sinc(i) UNL-CONICET,  ARG)
  • Pablo Granitto (CIFASIS, CONICET, ARG)
  • Ricardo Azambuja Silveira (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, BRAZIL)
  • Roberto Santana Hermida (Universidad del País Vasco, SPAIN)
  • Sebastián Pérez (UTN-FRM, DHARMA, CONICET,ARG)
  • Sebastian Sardiña (RMIT University, Australia)
  • Silvia Schiaffino (ISISTAN-UNICEN, CONICET, ARG)
  • Soledad Pera (DCS, Boise State University, USA)