Proceedings of ASSE 2016

Proceedings of ASSE 2016

Simposio Argentino de Ingeniería de Software

ISSN: 2451-7593

ASSE is an annual event that brings together researchers, developers, and practitioners to discuss and exchange ideas, problems and experiences in the wide field of Software Engineering. ASSE seeks original works in the wide spectrum of Software Engineering, from academic research to industrial and business applications with significant impact and lessons learned from application development. This year ASSE will be held during September 7-8, 2016, in Buenos Aires at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero.

ASSE will be part of the JAIIO (Argentine Conference on Informatics), which is one of the most relevant conferences in South America, organized by SADIO (Argentine Society of Informatics and Operations Research) since 1961, with the participation of professionals from industry and academia. JAIIO is organized as a series of thematic symposia including topics such as artificial intelligence, software engineering, technology, high performance computing, industrial informatics, free software, law, health, information society, amongst others.



  • Diego Garbervetsky, FCEyN - UBA, CONICET
  • Guido de Caso, Medallia


  • Andrés Diaz Pace (ISISTAN, UNICEN, Argentina)
  • Carlos Lopez Pombo (FCEyN, UBA, Argentina)
  • Claudia Pons (LIFIA, UNLP, Argentina)
  • Cristian Mateos (ISISTAN - UNCPBA/CONICET)
  • Dan Hirsch (Intel)
  • Daniel Riesco (UNSL, Argentina)
  • Diego Quiroga (ARTEAR)
  • Eric Tanter (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
  • Esteban Pavese (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)
  • Fernando Asteasuain (UNDAV)
  • Fernando Schapachnik (Fundacion Sadosky, UBA)
  • Germán Regis (FCEFQyN - UNRC)
  • Gustavo Rossi (LIFIA, UNLP, Argentina)
  • Juan Pablo Galeotti (LAFHIS, UBA, Argentina)
  • Luis Olsina (GIDIS_Web, UNLP, Argentina)
  • Marcelo Frias (CISoft, ITBA, Argentina)
  • Martin Nordio (ETH Zurich, Suiza)
  • Matias Martinez (USI, Lugano, Suiza)
  • Matías Nicoletti (Epidata - UNICEN)
  • Matias Urbieta (LIFIA, UNLP, Argentina)
  • Maximiliano Cristiá (CIFASIS-Rosario, Argentina)
  • Nazareno Aguirre (FCEFQyN - UNRC, CONICET)
  • Omar Chiotti (CIDISI, UTN-FRSF, Argentina)
  • Pablo Castro (FCEFQyN - UNRC, CONICET)
  • Pablo Michelis (Intel)
  • Pablo Villarreal (CIDISI, UTN-FRSF, Argentina)
  • Pedro D'Argenio (FaMAF, UNC, Argentina)
  • Romain Robbes (Universidad de Chile, Chile)
  • Santiago Ceria (Medallia)
  • Sergio Firmenich (LIFIA, UNLP, Argentina)
  • Victor Braberman (LAFHIS, UBA, Argentina)